8:30 hr

Registration and coffee

9:00 hr

Opening by the minister of Development and Environmental
Protection, Ms Zorana Mihajlovic
  Morning session chaired by Ms Kristina Peric

9:10 hr

Lecture by Prof. Pravica, guest of honor

9:40 hr

Experiences with the 1st + 2nd round of Noise Mapping and Noise Action Planning, lessons learnt by Mr Gaetano Licitra

10:00 hr

 Experiences with Noise Mapping and Noise Action planning in the Alp and Balkan States by Dr Alan Stimac

10:20 hr

Coffee break & Networking

10:40 hr

Experiences in modelling and noise mapping in Serbia by
Prof. Momir Prascevic (TU Nis), Vladimir Babic (Highway Institute
Belgrade) and Aleksandar Gajicki (CIP)

11:00 hr

Noise Mapping and inaccuracies and unreliability’s by Dr Wim van Keulen

11:20 hr

Quiet Urban Areas, an indispensable provision in cities by Ms Miriam Weber

11:40 hr

Cost benefit issues on Noise, where losing money and where saving it by Mr Jan Jabben

12:00 hr

The Serbian G2G project by Mr Henk Wolfert

12:15 hr

Lunch break
  Afternoon session chaired by Mr Henk Wolfert

13:30 hr

Lecture on Noise and Health by Prof Goran Belojevic

14:00 hr

How to raise noise on the political agenda by Ms Margit Bonacker

14:30 hr

Coffee break & Networking

15:00 hr

Noise Measures ERF by Mr Giovanni Brero and Ms Concetta Durso

15:25 hr

Noise Measurement & Analysis Equipment by Mr Miroslav Radojevic

15:45 hr

The European Noise Directive, recent developments by Environment European Commission. Report from European Environmental Agency about outcomes 1st round of Noise Mapping and Action Planning, the reporting mechanism END, etc. by Mr Colin Nugent

16:15 hr

Plenary discussion between representatives of the Balkan region on noise chaired by Ms Miriam Weber, included some brief messages to the European Union

16:40 hr

Closing ceremony by the Dutch Ambassador Mr H.E. Laurent L. Stokvis

16:50 hr


17:50 hr

END of congress

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